Zakat, Lillah, Fidyah & Sadaqa
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Zakat, Lillah, Fidyah & Sadaqa

Bayt Ul Maqdis Foundation gives you the opportunity to invest your Sadaqah and Zakat in Al Quds and support its people while fulfilling your spiritual duty.

Give Fitrana in order to purify your wealth and heart from selfishness, Give Sadaqah Jariyah to keep reaping reward or Give Fidyah if you are excused and unable to fast.

Your donations will be handled with the greatest of care to ensure they reach eligible recipients quickly and securely. Build the will and strength and show care through creating a continuous cycle of generosity and Donate now.

The Prophet Muhammad ﷺ stated: “The one who cares for a widow or a poor person is like the one who fights for Allah’s Cause, or akin to the one who performs prayers all the night and fasts all day.”

Pay your Zakat Ul Fitr: £ 6 per person. Donate with CAF