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We believe that every human being has the right to an education, access to clean water and food and the means to support themselves, their family and their community.

At Bayt Ul Maqdis, we provide an impartial, effective, efficient and wholly transparent service that ensures your donations reach the holy land and the Palestinians who really need them.

We work on long-term projects with people and a community determined to shape a better future for themselves.  In Jerusalem, nearly a quarter of Palestinian people live below the poverty line, with their prospects for work, and a safe, healthy life severely limited. The effort, commitment and skill of our local partners make change happen for those most in need.

Our projects have already made a huge impact, showing how our donors can make a real difference. We can also help women start their small businesses, support students and schools, revote homes and provide orphaned families with their basic needs.

Our Vision:

Inspired by the values of our faith, Bayt Ul Maqdis is working towards tackling the root causes of poverty and creating a fairer community to the most in need  in Jerusalem by providing them with appropriate and sustainable solutions.

Our Mission:

Fighting poverty in Jerusalem and improving the people’s living conditions in coordination with local communities according to international humanitarian action laws and norms.

Our Aims:

1- Helping & empowering needy people.

2- Supporting the humanitarian projects.

3- Protecting the architectural features, cultural and heritage of Jerusalem.

Our Values:

Bayt Ul Maqdis Foundation believes that every human being has the right for life, security, freedom of worship, education, and freedom of movement regardless of race, religion or gender.

Targeted Audience:

We’re reaching out to benefit the maximum number of poor and needy people living Jerusalem.

Bayt Ul Maqdis Foundation’s scope:

 - Collecting donations for humanitarian relief projects in Jerusalem.

-  Supporting the social and humanitarian projects such as: food, clothing, and housing and cultural projects in Jerusalem.

Our Projects:

All our projects are carefully constructed and designed to be accessible and effective. They are a blend of emergency support, short-term relief and longer-term sustainable interventions:

- Empowerment:  Empowering women & Widow/Orphan Fund

- Renovation: Home Repair

- Educational: Student Sponsorship & Education Fund

- Ramadan: Iftar, Zakat & Eid Gifts

- Emergency Relief Projects: Food parcels & winter clothing

Making a donation is an easy and simple act of humanity that turns surviving into living. Through your generous donations we sponsor hundreds of Palestinians living in Jerusalem. Your donations pay for food, water, clothing, education and medicine for vulnerable families living in the Holy Land of Jerusalem.


*Bayt Ul Maqdis Foundation is registered with the UK Charity Commission, Registered Charity Number: 1139176


+ 44 (0) 20 3772 7085 admin@bmfoundation.org.uk P.O. Box: 66443, London, W9 4EF