Give Your Qurbani in al-Quds

You can fulfil your Qurbani duty from only £25. With Bayt Ul Maqdis Foundation, you can fulfil your duty.

Meat Provision for the Poor

Bayt Ul Maqdis Foundation has been organising meat distribution to the poorest families.

Food Parcels

Nearly 50% of Palestinians suffer from food insecurity, help to feed the people of Al Quds.

Donate Your Zakat

We invest your Zakat in Al Quds and support its people while fulfilling your spiritual duty.

Emergency Appeal

We’re making an urgent appeal for the vulnerable people in Bayt Ul Maqdis

Masjid Al Aqsa Waqf Project

Help to donate for one of our Masjid Al Aqsa Waqf Projects. Bayt Ul Maqdis works on a number of projects.

Care for the Orphan

Bayt Ul Maqdis Foundation provides food, accommodation, health checks and back to school.

Zakat ul Fitr (Fitrana)

Fitrana is an obligatory donation made by every member of a household before Eid prayer. It’s £10 per person.

Family Iftar

We continue our valued tradition of providing vulnerable families with Iftar food parcels this Ramadan.

Give Sadaqah Lillah

The benefits of giving Sadaqah can be reaped in this lifetime and after one has passed away.


Fidya equates to £7 per person per missed fast. £210 Fidya for the whole month of Ramadan.

Back to School Campaign

Help Us Make a Difference! Donate Today.

Eid Gifts

You can bring a smile to the face of an orphaned child for just £30 per child.

Olive Tree project

Help us plant 1000 olive trees to support the people of Al Quds in their livelihood and support the agriculture sector.

Winter relief project

A crippling economic blockade, the outbreak of Covid-19, shortages of food, electricity and medical supplies caused immense misery. In these conditions, the children and elderly are particularly vulnerable and life can become a struggle for survival.

Medical Aid

Bayt Ul Maqdis Foundation is providing medical packs worth £50 each. Donate now